The Millay Colony

In 2008, Fund Directors Laurence Fishburne and Anthony Zerbe inaugurated the Roscoe Lee Browne Poet-In-Residence Award. An annual award of $5000 underwrites the month long residency of a poet at the Millay Colony of the Arts located at Steppletop, the rural estate of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay in Austerlitz, NY.

The Millay Colony of the Arts was founded by the poet’s sister Norma Millay Ellis whose goal was to honor her sister's life and to enable other artists to be inspired by Steepletop's natural beauty. Today the Millay Colony for the Arts offers one-month residences to six visual artists, writers, poets and composers each month between April and November.

The Millay Colony held a special significance for Roscoe. A Trustee of the Colony and along-time friend of Norma Millay Ellis and her husband, painter, Charles Ellis, he was a regular visitor to Steepeletop and contributor to its residency program.

Norma Millay Ellis and Roscoe